Space data: a treasure chest for companies on Earth

From strength businesses to bulb growers, room info is more and more staying applied by providers to resolve societal problems all over the world. But how can these providers make exceptional use of these monumental details streams coming from room? NL Room Campus delivers the amenities and creates the ecosystem that businesses will need to function on the latest innovations.

Not everybody is conscious of the simple fact that today’s planet relies greatly on info coming from room. However it plays an significant key function in resolving a vast range of societal issues, ranging from stability to innovation in the agricultural sector. Room information is also indispensable for addressing the climate crisis, for illustration checking local weather developments these as forest fires or earning predictions about erosion. In fact, the times when only rocket researchers ended up concerned with area are prolonged gone.

In the similar vein, the space financial system has also received momentum, and any individual who on a regular basis visits the NL Room Campus in Noordwijk can practical experience it. What was beforehand mainly a company park around ESTEC, the biggest research middle of the European Space Agency ESA, is more and more creating into what will eventually grow to be the lively epicenter of the Dutch place industry. People, know-how, and thoughts from different sectors are brought collectively listed here and area data is currently being set to full use.


The Centre of Excellence EGNSS (CoE) is a person of the get-togethers found at the NL Area Campus. It is a collaboration in between several recognized names together with IT provider company CGI, Space, Science & Technology Corporation (S[&]T) of Delft, and the Netherlands Aerospace Institute (NLR). This CoE is built to aid corporations and organizations consciously apply data produced by World Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), or satellite navigation info. This contains data from the American GPS (World-wide Positioning Process), for example, but also our have European Galileo info.

“Navigation data is essential to everyone. We use it day by day on our smartphones. Also, a ton of purposes in traffic management, shipping, autonomous autos, or time synchronization count on these networks,” claims Bas van der Hoeven, Vice President House CGI Netherlands and also a board member of SpaceNed, the trade affiliation for the Dutch Room Sector. “Or take public purchase and protection. Anklets of criminals do the job dependent on GNSS. It allows precise mapping of accurately exactly where a man or woman is found.”

Since the CoE’s existence, dozens of functions have previously knocked on the door for tips, from massive energy corporations to unique scientists or start out-ups. For instance, the CoE was a short while ago approached by ambulances about the deployment of navigation devices in their autos. “We encouraged on at the moment readily available technological innovation. And built them informed of the acutely aware use of satellite navigation like likely vulnerabilities, such as system hacking or unreliable facts.”

The Place 7 days

NL Area Campus with each other with ESA ESTEC, Leiden2022, and quite a few partners structured the very first edition of The Place Week in 2022 in which the space sector came collectively with situations for corporations, specialists, experts, and the general public. Also during this 7 days, a lot of non-house events contacted the CoE all through the Navigate to the Future celebration. “We then collected concepts from the public and awarded two vouchers to the successful events that have been launched to room knowledge as a alternative to societal challenges by way of this way.”

In that context, the CoE gave a grasp class on the applicability of GNSS data to a person of the winners. This was primarily about expertise sharing on satellite navigation, its vulnerabilities and long run developments. The 2nd voucher went to a place-design studio with the winning thought of applying GNSS to keep an eye on, for instance, heat in towns, a increasing social trouble.


Space4Very good also assists parties use place info to make a social or environmental influence. This enterprise commenced as a get started-up in the European Area Agency ESA Company Incubation application that SBIC runs on the Noordwijk campus. It has since turn out to be a prosperous company concentrating on subject areas this kind of as regenerative agriculture and character conservation, among other individuals. “For instance, we supply governments, NGOs, and corporations that import timber with info on where illegal logging is using put,” clarifies Alexander Gunkel, CEO and founder of the social enterprise. We are also working with Amnesty Intercontinental to keep an eye on illegal logging in Southeast Asia. The subsequent step is to predict deforestation primarily based on past occasions and superior versions, for which we are collaborating with ESA.”

The enterprise is also concentrating on so-called carbon credits, an rising services sector centered on entrepreneurship that normally takes local climate into account. “We can offer this sector with clear, responsible, and very affordable facts by learning the influence of planting trees on the carbon footprint.” It is exactly this quantifiability that would make satellite details so helpful for fixing societal and environmental issues, Gunkel emphasizes. “Thanks to the images, we have a substantial historic archive, accessible to every person by way of Sentinel Hub. That’s one of a kind. We should really take gain of that as much as feasible.”

A bridge in between the government and market place

The Netherlands Area Office (NSO), the area agency of the Dutch federal government that develops and implements the Dutch place software, is also element of the resolution in applying space facts on Earth. Coco Antonissen, the satellite apps advisor in just the organization, states: “We bridge the hole concerning the governing administration and the market and aids establish relevant subject areas that corporations and businesses can do the job on.”

For case in point, with each other with the Office of Public Functions and the drinking water boards, NGO is searching at how satellite data can be used for automatic mapping of waterways. “This is crucial for lots of different motives. Just feel about our basic safety in relation to flooding or blocking ditches from going dry. Razor-sharp satellite pictures of the Netherlands are accessible as a result of the satellite knowledge portal, which can provide a lot of other needs moreover checking waterways. We are in continual dialogue with functions to find programs,” Antonissen claimed.

The long run

In the coming a long time, the environment will depend even extra intensely on area data. “A whole lot of development is presently remaining made in the technological area. There are new satellites and greater devices are getting produced to approach and visualize satellite details,” says Gunkel. In addition, the interaction involving satellite knowledge and other monitoring tools, such as drones, is becoming progressively significant, he carries on. “Take House4Superior. By combining drones and satellite data we can fight illegal logging even extra efficiently. Satellites suggest in which large anomalies can be located. Drones then zoom in on a distinct area and exhibit just what is going on. A quite efficient way of operating.”

“At any time, organizations that want to knowledge the probable of area info firsthand can knock on our doorway at NL Room Campus”, Van der Hoeven concludes. “Together, as an ecosystem, we make guaranteed the business can take off. A lot more and a lot more companies and institutions will see the options that house facts presents them. It is a accurate treasure upper body. We are in a fascinating advancement and heading into a vibrant foreseeable future.”

Are you hunting for an entry into the house ecosystem, or do you want to take a look at what this sector can do for your corporation or establishment? Make contact with NL House Campus at [email protected], visit the web page, or go to the monthly NL Area Campus Network & Drinks on the last Thursday of each and every month at the Space Business Innovation Centre on the campus.

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