Reporter Stahl acclimates to Columbia, Mizzou beat

Hello all over again anyone.

I know I just wrote an introductory column when I acquired right here in April, but the powers that be have found in good shape to make me write about myself all over again, so listed here we go.

Why did you go into journalism? 

When I was a junior in large university, I didn’t have a full lot of way. I knew I preferred sports, and I could produce fairly effectively. 

Finally, immediately after I turned in essay after essay about football, a trainer proposed I look into sportswriting as a job route. Turns out you can get compensated to show up at sporting occasions and produce about the effects. 

As that was the only job that did not seem like pure misery at the time, I made a decision to examine journalism in higher education at the nation’s ideal J-university, Western Kentucky College, and now I’m here.

Nicole Lewis

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