Impressive stormwater administration aims to clear up Greenfield Lake

If we had been to journey again in time, Greenfield Lake would seem fairly distinctive than it does nowadays. First dammed in the 1700s, the 100 acre, artifical lake was initially utilised in rice creation. However, the lake departed from agricultural makes use of long back, and about the following centuries it has operated as equally a public and non-public leisure house.  At present the 250 acre community park boasts walking trails, bike paths, paddle boats, and kayaks, all though hosting many turtles, a myriad of bird species, and even a several alligators.  

Whilst a great deal of critters make their house in Greenfield Lake, its extremely city watershed and the resulting stormwater runoff produce a quantity of ecological problems. Because most of the spot that drains to Greenfield Lake is pavement or rooftop, each time it rains, the storm washes trash, particles, and pollutants into the lake, creating habitat degradation and dangerous algal blooms.

Floating mat before plants are installed.

In 2008 the NC Coastal Federation worked to produce a watershed restoration strategy that identifies the certain water good quality issues in Greenfield Lake as nicely as targets and methods to deal with these problems. The prepare outlines how the lake’s algae blooms are immediately linked to an overabundance of nutrition uncovered in city stormwater runoff this sort of as nitrogen and phosphorus. The restoration system targets initiatives to cut down pollution right before the runoff ever reaches the lake itself, and several stakeholders all through the city, county, and location are doing work to make individuals enhancements. However, the Stormwater Engineering Research Group from NC Point out College, with the support of the City of Wilmington, the NC Land and Drinking water Fund, and NC Cooperative Extension, are doing work to treat the runoff after it enters the lake as well by putting in a series of floating cure wetlands.

Nicole Lewis

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